What Should Your Real Estate Agent Do For You?

What Should Your Real Estate Agent Do For You?

Real estate agents are responsible to their clients to help them as much as possible when selling their homes. They are their client’s advocates, and they provide professional help. Most people want a trustworthy agent who will do everything possible to get them the best price for their home in a short amount of time with few headaches along the way.

Some home sellers know so little about the sales process, it is easy enough to do the bare minimum and get by as an agent. However, a great Realtor will cover all the bases of a smart sales process so you need an agent who comes highly recommended and has a reputation for great work.

Professional Real Estate Representation

Many real estate agents don’t do much more than put a sign in the yard, place it in the MLS and pray. When you’re selling what’s likely your most valuable asset, you deserve a lot more than this. Smart home sellers understand there is a big difference between these “post and pray” agents and one who knows the business of marketing your home for the most interest, showings, and offers.

In the real estate industry, 80 percent of the business is done by 20 percent of the people. However, this number is skewed much greater in real estate than in other industries. In fact, 93 percent of all real estate transactions are completed by 7 percent of the members.

When selling a home, there is a lot of room for disappointment by picking the wrong real estate agent to represent your interests. It is very easy to choose the wrong agent, after all, the odds are stacked against you. Understanding how to pick a real estate agent in Oceanside, CA is something many sellers get all wrong

Here’s a list of what your agent needs to be doing for you!

Pricing to Sell

Price is the most important thing you can do as a Realtor. Exceptional Real Estate agents avoid saying what will make sellers happy just to attract business. They price each home using their training, understanding of the market and comparable sales.

A high price tag on a home can lead to problems when it comes time to sell. If buyers avoid it for too long, the home will develop a bad reputation. Eventually, you will have to drop the price, but by that point, the bad rep will have stuck.

Some agents intentionally misrepresent a home’s value to get business, while others lack the skill to price a home correctly. An example of this is when an agent uses price per square foot to determine value. Unless all homes in your neighborhood are identical, this indicator is useless.

Be A Rockstar Marketer

One of the essential elements of selling homes today is having great pictures of the property. Your real estate agent should always hire a professional photographer.  The photography on your home is absolutely key in attracting buyers and is used in nearly every marketing piece created to advertise your property. I’ve seen some really horrifying photos over the years and saving a few bucks on pictures never pays off.

Your Realtor should have a website that draws traffic and showcases all their properties for sale. They should also be using social media, like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and other platforms, to spread the word. All of these online options take some time for an agent to develop, but will ultimately help their business and sell their client’s homes.

Be An Amazing Negotiator

An agent who isn’t worried about when their next sale takes place will always put their client’s best interest first. This is why you should never choose an agent who “needs” to make a sale. A great agent will fight hard for the best terms and conditions for their clients.

Negotiation skills are essential for real estate agents when advocating for their clients. Everything in real estate contracts is negotiable, and good agents don’t hesitate to counteroffer with a price that is more favorable to their client. They strive for the best possible terms for the transaction.

Negotiations don’t stop once the contract is signed, either.  Buyers often ask for repairs, credits, termite work, and other items that may cost you money if your agent isn’t an expert negotiator.

Rep the Seller at the Home Inspection

Should a seller client expect a real estate agent to attend the home inspection? It depends on the agent’s policy, but most agents do attend inspections to hear all the feedback from the inspector firsthand.

Your agent can keep track of everything that is said, and keep things in perspective should the buyer ask for concessions based on the inspection. When a seller’s agent is there, they can protect a seller from unreasonable requests.

Be Present at the Home Appraisal

A real estate agent should be knowledgeable about the home attend the appraisal. This will help answer any questions the appraiser may have and ensure that they understand all the facts about the property. In many cases, your Realtor will be best suited to answer any questions an appraiser may have.

The appraiser will likely be looking for all the recent updates, among other things, that have been made in the home. Updates are something that can have a significant bearing on the outcome of the appraisal. Major updates are hidden from plain sight (like electrical, a new roof, or HVAC system) so your agent should be present to highlight them to the appraiser.


Sellers need to be regularly updated on what is happening with the sale of their home. Too many real estate agents only check in with clients when they get an offer. Real estate agents should update their customers on feedback from showings and anything else that may concern them, even if there are no offers.

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