How To Sell Your Home Faster

How To Sell Your Home Faster

There are many reasons why you might need to sell your home quickly. If you are relocating for a new job, if you are breaking up with your partner or if you just need to complete the purchase of a new home, selling your old home quickly is probably one of your top priorities.

Here are some steps that can help you sell faster!

Work with the right agent

There’s no need to take a chance on an inexperienced real estate agent when time is of the essence. Work with someone who knows your market and has helped sellers in your situation before.

If you’re looking for an agent who can help you sell your home quickly, be sure to find one who has extensive experience in your area and a proven track record of success. They’ll likely have the connections you need to find a qualified buyer. When you reach out to agents, let them know what your ideal timeline is and see how they can help you meet it.

Price your home the right way

If you’re curious about the value of your home, you can research recent sales in your area to get an idea of what your home might be worth. To do this, you can use online real estate websites to find information on homes that are similar to yours. Once you have that information, you can calculate the price per square foot for those homes. To do this, divide the price by the number of square feet. Then, apply that number to your home’s square footage to get a reasonable starting price.

Your home will show up in even more searches if you list it at $899,000 instead of $1,100,000. Many buyers set a maximum price when they’re searching online listings, and your home may be overlooked if it’s priced just a bit higher. Additionally, buyers may be willing to stretch their budgets a bit if they find a home they love.

If your home is priced attractively, buyers might bid up the price. You could end up selling for what your home is actually worth, but the lower price might attract more attention and help you sell even faster.

Give it a thorough cleaning!

Before you list your home, it’s important to clean and declutter. This can be pretty unappealing to buyers, who will probably have a hard time imagining themselves moving in if clutter and trash are in the way.

If you don’t have the time or physical ability to take care of this on your own, ask your agent for a referral to a professional declutterer. If your budget is tight, consider asking friends or family for help.

Stage it the right way

Decluttering and cleaning your home can make it easier for buyers to envision themselves living there, but professional home staging can make it even more realistic. By adding furnishings and decorations that are specific to the style of your home, you can help potential buyers see themselves in your space. Home staging can also make your home seem more spacious and inviting, which can be a major selling point. If you’re thinking of selling your home in the near future, consider hiring a professional stager to help you prepare.

If you’re on a tight budget, you may be able to stage your home yourself with things you already have. However, if you need to sell quickly, it might be worth spending a bit more on professional help. Stagers have experience with layout and design, and they know what tricks can make a house more appealing to buyers.

Find a qualified buyer

If you want to wait for a cash buyer, your options might be limited, but you could potentially get a better price. Most buyers have to finance their homes, which can take nearly two months. Cash buyers, on the other hand, might be able to close within days.

If you have a preunderwritten loan, it means that the lender has already done a lot of the work for you. This is a big advantage, because it means that your loan is more likely to be approved. The final approval will depend on the home appraisal and if there are any conditions that the lender or loan program has.

Take pro photos

Photos are essential when selling a home. Many buyers will first see homes online, so providing excellent photos is key. Make sure to showcase the best features of your home and capture its unique character. By taking great photos, you’ll make a good impression on potential buyers and increase the chances of a sale.

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